Design & Engineering

Technical design & engineering for Sustainable production

At Gretec we offer stand alone design and engineering services for turnkey farming projects delivering success through superb technical knowledge and top class documentation.

Any project which is to be successfully implemented requires thorough preparations. At Gretec we are very capable to supply complete design works including engineering, visualizations, services for planning and construction management, static assessments and consulting.

We offer expert technical and technological services in construction for civil engineering and  agriculture industry. We design, engineer and supply technical documentation for buildings for cattle, pigs, poultry and fish.

Technical documentation

Every project we implement is designed and technically documented to the highest of degerees.

We will guide you through the preparatory phase of your project, design, construction permission and we will inform you about all the necessary steps in the phase of preparation and implementation of your farming project thanks to our comprehensive services that we offer:

  • Pre-project work (project study, 3D visualization, conceptual works)
  • Project works (for construction permit or complete projects for implementation)
  • Consulting, feasibility studies
  • Technical and survey works
  • Business and project planning
  • Estimation of project costs
  • Budgeting works
  • Project specifications and technical calculations
  • Calculations of production capacities, herd turnovers, production capacities of buildings
  • Project planning and management
  • Construction timetables

Project visualizations

If required, we can provide 3D visualization of the farm. The visualization realistically shows, how your farm will look like and provide realistic picture of the whole farming complex. We also provide 3D visualization of technological units.

Technical advisory and consultancy

Engineering, technical advisory and additional consultancy can be provided during the preparation of your project according to your needs (technical research, designing works, computational analytics, preparation of feasibility studies of projects, etc.)