Turnkey fish farms

technology and innovation for sustainable fish farming

Our significant expertise in the field of turnkey fish farm delivery and processing units construction, makes us the right choice to deliver your future project to the highest standard of specification.

We support sustainable production through technology and innovation to grow fish with fewer resources to reduce negative influence to surrounding nature and fish itself.

By leveraging our expertise and our resources we are developing solutions that will help fish farmers feed the growing population.

Turnkey delivery

From the initial site analysis, developing your custom project plan to final completion, we are with you every step of the way. Committed to supporting you and your fish farm operation’s growth, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest standard of the whole package covering goods, services and works.

Knowledge and experience

Our company uses only the latest scientific knowledge and experience from around the world to deliver modern fish farms as a complex of the latest technologies and equipment. In order to function as a balanced unit, it is necessary to have not only the appropriate fish farming technology, but especially the experience and a team of top-class specialists – architects, builders, livestock specialists, feed specialists, electrical or mechanical engineers and others.

Ensuring high efficiency farms

Fish has been, in the last few years, on the menus of most countries and production in small capacities, without top-class procedures and without negative influence to the surrounding nature is basically impossible.

We deliver success through complexly designed farms, without compromising on technology, construction of buildings and technological processes. Without high-end controls, there is no chance to ensure high efficiency results without harming the surrounding nature.

Structures and technological units

We build state of the art turn key fish farms specifically designed for a particular species of fish. Find the list of structures and units that we deliver  below:

  • fish feeding
  • water pumping
  • water cleaning
  • water filtration
  • water oxygening
  • water ozonation
  • ventilation and heating
  • microclimate management
  • control systems
  • electrical wiring and lighting

Our turnkey solutions for fish production